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Thanks to HTML discover who read it and when

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How does it work?

Thanks to our online back office, you can easily create your interactive documents and you’re in charge of their diffusion.
Our subscription feature allows you to quantify and identify your most faithful readers .


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web responsive






in real time


Multi-screen - HTML5

Your documents can be read on all types of support: Smartphone, tablet and of course, computer.

Flash download

Thanks to the page streaming, reading is immediate and fast, regardless of the number of pages.


Video, sound and photo gallery can be accessed from your booklet

Easy browsing

Browsing menu, contents page, internal links, full text search engine… you can’t get lost!

Social sharing

Nothing easier than to share booklet you like on the social networks.

Multitool broadcast

In just a few clicks, you broadcast your documents via email and on your website.


Get yourself a list of interested in your documents.

Readership statistics

Discover who reads your documents and how (compatible with Google Analytics).

Constantly updated contents

Update your documents in real time and in a few minutes.

White label and branding

Broadcast your documents using your own colours and your own domain name.


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