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The other face of Pakistan
A few months ago, she became the Honorary Consul in
Monaco for her country, Pakistan. We meet Namira Salim,
a woman of many talents.
Namira Salim is involved in the Virgin
Galactic project: she dreams of making
a journey into space.
Namira Salim made her entrance
into the Principality’s circle of diplomats
with great ceremony at
an evening where guests included H.S.H.
Prince Albert II and many dignitaries.
Going further
Her first months as Honorary Consul have
been busy. "I’ve had a lot of meetings
and I was surprised to learn that several
Monaco companies already trade with
Pakistan." There, agriculture and textile
sectors are particularly rich in opportunities.
She emotionally recalls Monaco’s
great solidarity with her country after
earthquakes and floods and she thinks
that Pakistani researchers would like to
work with the Albert II Foundation. "We
really need to be aware of environmental
issues. We are among the few countries
that have seen the consequences of climate
In common with the Prince, Namira Salim
is one of the few people to have travelled
to both poles. She stresses that mountains
in Pakistan contain the third largest ice
mass in the world, and that accelerated
melting will turn them into a major threat.
Floods that hit the country in 2010 have
forced 20 million Pakistanis to flee their
homes, half of them children.
in the United States. As a young graduate,
she founded the Pakistani branch of the
International Association of students in economics
and commerce to promote worldwide
student exchanges.
Communication, meetings
and mutual aid are Namira
Salim’s main principles in life.
Inspired by the night sky
and the cosmos, she is also
a successful artist, and has
held exhibitions at UNESCO
and United Nations meetings. Known as
the first Pakistani national to have reached
the North and South poles and sky dive
over Mount Everest, she believes in a flag
of universal peace. "I would like to continue
We really need
to be aware of
A reception was organised in the Oceanographic Museum
to celebrate her diplomatic appointment.
to promote this idea through my art and my
expeditions". Through her "humble efforts",
she promotes the Pakistani people, who are
peaceful, warm and welcoming.
As a girl, she dreamed of
being an astronaut and has
never stopped loving the
stars. To such a point that in
2006, Richard Branson officially
introduced her as the
first astronaut from Pakistan!
Namira Salim was involved in
the Virgin Galactic project. She hopes that
the private sector will regularly partner public
authorities in space programs, which she is
convinced would consequently become more
environmentally friendly and less expensive.
The principle of
mutual assiSTANCE
The diplomat is a citizen of the world,
spending time in Dubai, before studying
| 32 | MONACO madame | Septembre 2012
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